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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Baby Crickets!!!

When I opened the cricket habitat today, I was surprised to see some little critters scurrying about. At first, they looked like an army of ants, but a closer look revealed they are baby crickets! Since we’ve added some heat mats…

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Pupae Still Waiting

Today, when I walked into the Insectary (our greenhouse), I saw about a dozen or so of the pupae crawling round the flat of compost that I set out for them. They’ve been hiding out in there all winter as…

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Overwintering Pupae Emerge

A couple of days ago, some of the overwintering pupae emerged from the depths of the soil flat where they’ve been hiding. A couple of them have emerged as adults and are flying around the greenhouse. One landed on my…

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Crickets: Too hot, too cold

I’d like to make the crickets a little happier and move them to more even environment. The greenhouse gets pretty warm in the day when the sunlight is shining. This means the cricket habitat can get to 100F+. Conversely, the…

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IPM Redbacked Jumping Spider

Joining part of my Integrated Pest Management Team is the Redbacked Jumping Spider. These little guys sure can jump as you can see on the short video. They seem to be helping with the aphids. Every February as the weather…

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Nutrient Analysis with a Photometer

I’ve been getting my water periodically tested to know how I’m doing nutrient-wise for the plants. The system is working really well, but I wish I knew more about what the nutrient levels are so I can make adjustments where…

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