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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mighty Mite-y

Grain mites have infested the mealworm bins. The first bin that was started has rolled oats and chicken mash as bedding and it is about 70% humidity. A quick look on the web will tell you that grain mites like…

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Measure to Manage- Aquaponics Nutrient Analysis Report

I gotta say it’s really fun to take these measurements and see how the system performs. Up until getting the photometer, I only had a rough idea of what was truly in our system. The little test strips can tell…

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The Beetles!

Well, they sure do grow up quick! Last week, I saw what looked to be a pupa here and there. Turns out, they were definitely pupae and we have quite a few beetles. It’s really neat how the meal worms…

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Mealworms Inside Their Bin

Here’s a look at the Mealworms inside their habitat, which is currently located where we raise the crickets. Once the adult darkling beetles emerge, they will be moved to their own bin to encourage reproduction and to keep them from…

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