Crickets: Too hot, too cold

I’d like to make the crickets a little happier and move them to more even environment. The greenhouse gets pretty warm in the day when the sunlight is shining. This means the cricket habitat can get to 100F+. Conversely, the evening temps go much lower (55F), since the heatloss is so fast. There’s a perfect spot for the cricket habitat (and maybe more!) in the space just above the Symbi Lab. What’s great about this spot is we can insulate it and keep a constant 86 degrees and 30% humidity for good breeding conditions. It also will lend a hand in warming up the lab. It’s chilly in there! At Symbi, we try to connect things. Warm lab partners and crickets seem like a great fit. Another convenience is that the crickets will be closer to the aquaponics greenhouse. I can feed them discarded lettuce leaves staying within the Symbi loop.

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