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Volunteer Integrated Pest Management—Ladybug Larva

We’ve got some aphid eating volunteers visiting the aquaponics greenhouse for the third year in a row. This video is of a lady bug larva on one of the lettuce leaves. They like to eat aphids and other soft bodied…

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Not So Many Critters of the Worm Bin

When I first started this blog, I made a video called Critters of the Worm Bin. It is a worm’s eye view of all of the different critters you will find in a typical worm bin. Pill bugs, sow bugs,…

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IPM Redbacked Jumping Spider

Joining part of my Integrated Pest Management Team is the Redbacked Jumping Spider. These little guys sure can jump as you can see on the short video. They seem to be helping with the aphids. Every February as the weather…

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