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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Crickets Laying Eggs

Here’s a video of some crickets laying eggs. They insert their ovipositor, which is a needle -like appendage between the female crickets back legs, into the “mud” which consists of coconut coir and worm castings at a 5:1 ratio. The…

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Cricket Harvest Numbers

In late January of last year, I started with one bin of crickets with the hope that they would help contribute to the Fish Food Project closing the loop for our aquaponics system. They were put next to the soldier…

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Columns of Crickets

It’s getting a little tight in the cricket castle. Finally producing protein for the Fish Food Project. From one bin to 55 all in a 10×10′ area.

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Fermented Feed Update

The crickets seemed to like the fermented feed because there is very little left in any of the bins where I put it. Pretty cool how the feed stayed preserved as it dried out. Without fermentation, the chicken feed can…

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