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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Prematurely Dehydrated Cricket Problem Solved

For a little while now, I’ve been having some difficulty with the nymph stage of my crickets in some of the habitats. All of the habitats (bins) were set up the same with a mudpie inside to provide a place…

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Eek, a mouse!

We had an invasion over the weekend. A mouse climbed into one of the meal worm bins and had one heck of good time it appears. I can hardly blame the little thing. A bin full of feed with live…

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Dung Beetle Pitfall Trap

Got some dung beetle pitfall traps put together and thought I’d share what they look like. They’re like a dung beetle bungalow. We’ll call them Dungalows. I will be deploying these as I follow the cattle searching for more dung…

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Baby Mealworms!!!

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure these guys were going to be a success. I started the bins and the mealworms morphed into adults, but then it seemed like most of them died and I couldn’t see any offspring. That’s because…

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Let’s Raise a Glass!

This morning I was collecting some water to test with the photometer for nutrient analysis. Thought I’d share how well the swirl filter is working. Let’s raise our beakers for a toast!

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Cricket Babies Eat Adults

The tables have turned. Awhile back, there was a post called Crickets are Full of Themselves. I described how when there is not enough protein available, the crickets will start to eat each other. And how it’s extremely important to…

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