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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Some BSFL have crawled out!

I was starting to wonder about the larvae. Not much action in the last week or so. We outlasted an invasion of ants, some other flies, and a nasty hot spell. It looks like we’re moving on to the next…

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BSFL take back the Biopod

A few days ago, some other kind of flies took over the Biopod and the normal BSFL odor changed to a very stinky garbage smell. All the literature I’ve read says that the BSFL have something that deters other flies….

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Our new guests stink

Boo. We have some more uninvited guests. And they stink. Black Soldier Fly Larvae have a certain smell to them. I’m not saying it is pleasant, but it is distinct. Now the bin smells kind of like bad food scraps….

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Egads! Ants in the Soldier Fly bin

The ants found the Biopod. A little diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the bin worked like a charm.

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Hot Larvae!

It got pretty hot over the weekend. At one point, the temp was 110F in the Biopod. The literature I’ve read says the larvae shouldn’t be exposed to temps above 105F. They’re still alive, but a lot slower.  

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