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Monthly Archives: January 2015


Crickets have been added to the Fish Food Project. Our friends from Bitwater Farms set us up with a sweet little cricket habitat. This is really exciting to have another protein source to use as we develop our own fish food…

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Pupa Walk

Here’s a pupa “walking” under a 15x lens. They’re kinda cute, huh?

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Surprise! More Pupae!

What a pleasant surprise to be greeted by some over wintering larvae! These hardy souls have been kicking it in this flat of compost and soil waiting for their time to emerge. I put the flat there next to the…

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Larval Dance

Here’s another shot of the new larvae. They have a certain grace to them. I sure hope they’re the good guys, but it’s hard to tell. I could be raising stable flies for all I know right now! As mentioned…

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BSFL Babies or Imposters?

We have some young larvae squirming about in the Biopod. Not really sure if they are another kind of fly or BSFL. They’re pretty small. At first, I just thought they were fungus gnat larvae, but I don’t see the…

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The system is at 53 degrees F. Things grow sloooowly in these temps. What’s interesting is that the water loss from the system is minimal.

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