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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Mineralization Chamber

Aquaponics is extremely water wise. And our system is about to get a whole lot wiser. I’ve decided to add a mineralization chamber to the aquaponics system to minimize water loss from clearing filters and hopefully to increase the nutrient…

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Measure to Manage-Aquaponics Nutrient Analysis Report #3

Every 6-8 weeks, I post my photometer readings for the aquaponics system water. The biggest change I’ve made this term is using rainwater exclusively. I should also add that I lost a bunch of fish in early February due to an aeration…

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White Worms

I just got back from the World Aquaculture Conference and learned that white worms, also known as enchytraeids, are being raised for a possible fish feed ingredient. I’m uncertain if they’ve been made into a meal, but eager to learn…

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