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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Moving the Worm Herd

When you decide that worms are good protein for fish food, it can be exciting to look at ways to formulate the food. I figured the best way would be to collect the worms in some manner and dry them…

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Seed Shrimp

Working in greenhouses, I’m used to the typical pests like fungus gnats, aphids, and thrips. Seed Shrimp? Well, they’re kinda new for me.

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Notes

BSFL trial: Last year, I started a black soldier fly trial to see if we could produce larvae for the Fish Food Project.

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Flow Chart for the Fish Food Project

The idea behind the Fish Food Project is that while aquaponics is an amazing way to grow food, it still requires fish food. Most fish foods are made of fish meal, which is not very sustainable. What if we can…

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