Pupae Still Waiting

Today, when I walked into the Insectary (our greenhouse), I saw about a dozen or so of the pupae crawling round the flat of compost that I set out for them. They’ve been hiding out in there all winter as we’ve seen in previous posts. I’ve been adding a little water here and there so the compost doesn’t dry out. It seems everytime it dries out, they come up from below. At this point, we know we need a better environment than what we are providing for the soldier flies to breed. For the next BSFL project, we’re going to need to add some more heat and control the humidity better than our simple system. The whole point of what we do is to see if we can do something as low tech as possible. That way, anybody can replicate it. We’re going to have to get just a wee bit more sophisticated to get a BSFL colony going it appears.

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