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Category: Pasture and Soil

Digging in

Here’s a time lapse video of some of our summer soil crew collecting soil samples. TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation apprentice Jake Tommerdahl and interns Rachel Sullivan and Didier Bolaños Gonzalez taking soil cores, bulk density, water infiltration, and deep samples…

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Soil Sampling Pastures

Recently, a group of our awesome interns and one curious horse named Boomer joined me in the field to do some soil sampling. Our focus at TomKat Ranch is providing healthy foods on working lands in a way that sustains…

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Compost and Pasture

Cows on pasture seems like a pretty simple system. Cows eat grass and their manure helps feed the soil which helps the grass to grow again. What many ranchers have found is that if you plan the grazing to give…

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Bulls and Dung Beetle Traps

  The bulls were in the pasture next to the lab so we placed some dung beetle traps out to see what we could get with the big fellas. Something I had not learned before doing this is that young…

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Dung Beetle Pitfall Trap

Got some dung beetle pitfall traps put together and thought I’d share what they look like. They’re like a dung beetle bungalow. We’ll call them Dungalows. I will be deploying these as I follow the cattle searching for more dung…

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Dung Beetle Search: Aphodius fimetarius

A couple of days ago, I was flipping some cow pads to see what kinds of dung beetle activity we have on the ranch. I found Aphodius fimetarius, which is a European dung beetle that was brought over to North…

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