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Monthly Archives: September 2014

BSFL after 5 days

Here’s what the Biopod looks like after 5 days. They’re hungry little guys.

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We’ve got grubs!

We received our grubs from the fine folks at ProtaCulture. Here’s what it looks like: They were nice and small which gives us time to observe the conditions of the greenhouse as the season changes. It gets pretty hot in…

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Project 2.0

We are getting the Black Soldier Fly Larvae project 2.0 off to a good start. We have dedicated little greenhouse where we plan to raise these bite sized wriggly nuggets of protein and fat. We purchased a Biopod from ProtaCulture…

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Tipburn in Lettuce

We grow several different crops. Lettuces, basils, kohlrabi, cilantro, sage, and more. Most everything grows swimmingly. Well, technically, floatingly. Except sometimes, we get some tip burn in particular varieties of lettuce.

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Drying Spirulina

When drying Spirulina, it is important to keep it out of the sun as it zaps the nutrients out of your bounty. It also happens to turn it a pretty aquamarine when it oxidizes. Here’s Spirulina that has been dried…

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Symbi Biological is the Exploratory and Applied Sciences wing of the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation in Pescadero, California. In cooperation with the ranch, we work on a range of projects that increase the efficiency of sustainable food production and educate…

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