White Worms

I just got back from the World Aquaculture Conference and learned that white worms, also known as enchytraeids, are being raised for a possible fish feed ingredient. I’m uncertain if they’ve been made into a meal, but eager to learn more. I met two nice professors that are working with white worms and learned that the former Soviet Union used to raise them for white sturgeon production. There’s even an out of print book the Soviets wrote that seems to be the only information on culturing white worms for feed production. Elizabeth Fairchild, Ph.D. from University of New Hampshire offered to send 10 grams of white worms to anyone who would like to participate in learning more about their possibility as feed if you fill out an online survey afterward. I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough. White worms look like a great addition to the Symbi loop. In fact, they’re already a part of it as they are in the vermicompost. In my cricket production, I make mud pies for the crickets to lay eggs and to get a drink. I make the “mud” from one part vermicasting to four parts coco coir. Everytime I scoop up the castings, I see some white worms that are headed into the cricket bin and presumably gobbled up soon after. I’ve been raising them all along! I’m going to experiment with feeding them live to the fish. And then concentrate on culturing them to see if it is a viable alternative to fish meal. I’ll be sharing the whole process as it progresses.

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