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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Lettuce Inside

I’ve been feeding the crickets lettuce discards and they really like it as you can see in the photo. I peel off some of the outer leaves from the heads during harvest and save the for the crickets or the…

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96 Countries 

   Wow, it’s pretty crazy to know that 96 countries read this blog! I started this to share so that others who are interested in fish, plants, bugs, pasture, and compost could learn from my mistakes and, hopefully, some of…

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A couple days ago, I found the majority of my fish belly up. Not a good sight to see. My first call was to our friend Fred S. Conte Ph.D. Extension Aquaculture Specialist at University of California, Davis. He knows just about…

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Compost and Pasture

Cows on pasture seems like a pretty simple system. Cows eat grass and their manure helps feed the soil which helps the grass to grow again. What many ranchers have found is that if you plan the grazing to give…

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