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Two Week Old Crickets

It’s only been two weeks and the crickets are getting much bigger. I can’t believe how many there are! There are some larger ones and some really small ones. I am supplementing the apple slices with a little cricket feed,…

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Our new guests stink

Boo. We have some more uninvited guests. And they stink. Black Soldier Fly Larvae have a certain smell to them. I’m not saying it is pleasant, but it is distinct. Now the bin smells kind of like bad food scraps….

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Hot Larvae!

It got pretty hot over the weekend. At one point, the temp was 110F in the Biopod. The literature I’ve read says the larvae shouldn’t be exposed to temps above 105F. They’re still alive, but a lot slower.  

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Spirulina 3

Trying to dry Spirulina grown from aquaponics water.

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Critters of the Worm Bin

Take a walk with a worm’s eye view of the different critters of the worm bin that inhabit our Continuous Flow Through Reactor, which is a particular style of worm bin.

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