Two Week Old Crickets

It’s only been two weeks and the crickets are getting much bigger. I can’t believe how many there are! There are some larger ones and some really small ones. I am supplementing the apple slices with a little cricket feed, which looks a lot like chicken feed. I don’t put much of the cricket feed in there trying to rely mostly on the apples. My guess is the bigger crickets are the ones getting the extra protein leaving the little guys out. When the colony grows and I can get more bins together, we’re going to test this hypothesis as uniform cricket production is the goal for a couple reasons. First, they are easier to harvest and process being close to one size. Secondly, I’m betting there is less incidence of cannibalism if the crickets are all similar size. The big ones in the current bin are probably going to eat some of the smaller ones. 😦

I’m excited to see how they perform on a spirulina and aquaponics veggie diet and some other combinations we can offer them.

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