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Crickets Eat Spirulina!

Well this is fantastic. I put some spirulina in the cricket bin hoping that they would eat it. And they did! It will be interesting overtime to play with the amounts and blend it in with other feedstocks. Looking forward…

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Drying Spirulina

Found a way to dry Spirulina so it dries quickly and is easy to grind into a powder.

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Spirulina 3

Trying to dry Spirulina grown from aquaponics water.

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Spirulina 2

Trying different ways to harvest and dry Spirulina.

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Spirulina with aquaponics water

We have an aquaponics operation and I wanted to raise some Spirulina in separate tanks, since it requires a higher pH and saltier water. Just using some aquaponics water and adding some baking soda and sea salt, the Spirulina is…

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