Mighty Mite-y

Grain mites have infested the mealworm bins. The first bin that was started has rolled oats and chicken mash as bedding and it is about 70% humidity. A quick look on the web will tell you that grain mites like humid conditions with a lot of food sources. What to do now? Well, if I take a good honest look at that first bin, it’s pretty overcrowded and full of molts(mealworm skin), which combined with the humidity level is a perfect culture for the grain mites to thrive. If only the grain mites were easier to harvest, I’d add them to the fish food project. Alas, they are like specs of dust. The first bin is pretty infested so it’s going to the chickens. The other bin is all adults (darkling beetles) laying eggs and the mites are there, but not going crazy. Definitely going to keep an eye on them and see if I need to be doing something different. There was a mite infestation when the wormery first got started. It freaked me out a little, but it was partly due to humidity and after time and better management, they got under control. I’m hoping this is the case here with the mealworms.

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