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Water Usage for 2017

Below is the amount of rainwater I used in 2017. The system volume total is about 4000 gallons, so it’s kind of interesting that it is somewhat close to the total used all year long. This was the first year…

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Water Usage and Rainwater Collection

We made it! Back in May, I posted about the aquaponics water usage and how efficient our aquaponics system operates. It’s exciting to prove that food can be grown in places where water and/or arable land is scarce even if…

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Rainwater Collection

If you’re in California, the drought is something that is on everyone’s minds. The prospect of having little to no water is a scary thought. That’s why water wise farming methods like aquaponics are really getting a good look as…

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Measure to Manage- Aquaponics Nutrient Analysis Report

I gotta say it’s really fun to take these measurements and see how the system performs. Up until getting the photometer, I only had a rough idea of what was truly in our system. The little test strips can tell…

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