Bulls and Dung Beetle Traps


IMG_8506The bulls were in the pasture next to the lab so we placed some dung beetle traps out to see what we could get with the big fellas. Something I had not learned before doing this is that young bulls are extremely playful. The two big guys didn’t mind us, but the younger guy would “playfully” charge us. Especially, when I was tying up the fresh dung into the little mesh modified paint strainer that hangs from the inverted pvc half pipe.


Dung hanging over cup

I’m sure he was just playing, but how do you really know? After a couple of close calls, our apprentice and I bailed. Nothing like 3000lbs of muscle coming at ya.

Our cattlemen had a good laugh at us and that’s ok. We’ll live to see another dung. Interesting to note, when I came back to retrieve the traps a few days later, two of the three were crushed by the bulls. The half pipes were kicked over and the cups crushed. I did manage to trap 4 darkling beetles. I think I’ll stick with the cows!


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