Catfish Added to Aquaponics System


After a little bit of a wait, I finally got some catfish to help power the system. They’re really small at about 4 inches. Not sure if we should be calling them kitten fish at this stage. I’ll have to check on that. After the big fish kill from the aerator diaphragm failure, I wasn’t sure how many hybrid carp I had left in both tanks. So to make room for the catfish, I emptied the tank with the least amount of fish “stashing” most of the water from the 500 gallon tank into the rest of the system. Earlier in the day, I noticed the sump tank was low and figured if I clear the swirl filter to lose about 100 gallons, I could isolate the fish tank by closing the valves and use a pump and hose to empty it into the rest of the system saving my water. This worked out very well. After emptying the tank, I had about 20 strong souls that survived the fish kill. They were moved to the other tank that has about 40 or so fish left and then I filled the new home of the catfish with rainwater with the valves open on the tank for a slowly mixed addition. It’s exciting to have a new kind of fish although I’m not sure if they’ll be as theatrical as the hybrid carp who practically jump out of the tank for food splashing the many guests who visit Symbi. That’s always a fun little surprise. As always, I will keep you posted as they grow.

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