Lettuce Inside


I’ve been feeding the crickets lettuce discards and they really like it as you can see in the photo. I peel off some of the outer leaves from the heads during harvest and save the for the crickets or the worms. I also try to tap any aphids I find into the pile of cricket bound lettuces for some extra sweet treats. I don’t really know if aphids are like candy, but ants sure do like them for the honey dew they excrete out their back ends. Aphids have these things called cornicles that are like dual exhaust pipes. Only they emit sugary carbon instead. I’m making a wild assumption they are sweet little morsels that pop in your mouth like caviar, but I’m not brave enough to find out. The lettuce provides the crickets another water source and nutrients. It’s nice because it dries up before the mold can get to it making it a safe addition to the cricket bin.

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