Fermented Feed Update

The crickets seemed to like the fermented feed because there is very little left in any of the bins where I put it. Pretty cool how the feed stayed preserved as it dried out. Without fermentation, the chicken feed can get moldy pretty quick with even the slightest bit of moisture or excess humidity. Not a huge problem, but it happens. Over the course of a few days in the bin, the fermented feed dries up and the crickets can still chip away at it, as needed. I’m going to keep playing with this method of feeding to see if it is more efficient and for providing additional hydration to the young crickets. One other thing to note, it is very important to make sure you have a 1-2 inch layer of water above the chicken feed in the jar. I overfilled with feed my first go round and the feed swelled up after adding the water filling the entire volume of the jar. It was okay for a couple of days, but then the top parts started turning a darker color. I scraped that part off and gave it to the worms. Then, I added more water to the jar and finally got the layer of water above the feed. It’s been about 10 days and the fermented feed is still looking good.

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