Eek, a mouse!

We had an invasion over the weekend. A mouse climbed into one of the meal worm bins and had one heck of good time it appears. I can hardly blame the little thing. A bin full of feed with live baby meal worms is a hard gig to pass up. Sadly, the mouse’s plan was not well thought out. As easy as it was getting into the bin, getting out of the bin proved too difficult. So with a full gluttonous belly, our mouse invader was caught red handed. Thankfully, there’s another mealworm habitat with live mealworms. So, while it is a bit of a setback, I’ve learned something and will install some wire grids on the openings of the bins. We have all sorts of predators on the ranch. Mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and now I guess we can add mice to the list.

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