Swirl Filter Revisited

After a couple of months of operating the swirl filter, I really like the way it operates. I had to bump up my pump size to get a little more flow (8-10gpm), but it seems to keep more solids out of the net tanks and that’s exactly what I want. The water in the system is crystal clear and the beds aren’t accumulating a bunch of stuff. Another benefit is when I open the valve to pull the solids out from the bottom of the cone bottom tank, the pipes that lead from the tanks to the swirl filter also begin to clear as the water level drops down. It’s a great way to get rid of my solids that collect in the low part of the system. I guess this is due to some pressure changes as the water level drops. This was a big problem when I had the baffling clarifier. The system flow had to be slow enough so as not to create too much turbulence within the clarifier. Otherwise, the clarifier did not do its job effectively due to insufficient dwell time and we had cloudy water. The slower flow would cause the solids to accumulate in these pipes and they would get very cruddy slowing flow even more. The swirl filter can handle higher flows and seems to work better at about 10 gallons per min. Although, it also works pretty well at just 5gpm. Another factor worth mentioning is that I am cleaning the net tanks more often. This also has a big effect on water clarity. I’m cleaning them about every 7-10 days. Whereas, before I was doing it every 2 weeks or so.

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