Balanced Worm Bin

When I started the worm bin, the idea was to process the horse manure we have on site into worm castings and also protein for the fish in the aquaponics system. I experimented with various ways to “herd” the worms using sunlight and moisture to drive them into collection containers. All of the methods worked, but they weren’t really practical for someone to do beyond just a tray here or there. The Continuous Flow Through Reactor style worm bin we have is great because the worms stay in the top layers making it easy to grab a handful of them. Unfortunately, you also get a handful of fibers and shavings that have yet to decompose due to their high carbon content. I found that adding the discarded greens from the aquaponics system helps balance the C:N ratio on the top of the bin leading to some really dark, beautiful worm castings. This is excellent because now the worms can be run through a trommel without the fiber getting caught up in the screen.

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