Aquaponics Redesign Revisited


It’s been a couple weeks since making the changes to the filtration in the system. We used to have a clarifier with a baffle which truly provided baffling clarification. It didn’t really do a good job of filtering out the solids and my net tank was getting funky fast. After consulting with Jon Parr of Schoolgrown, we decided to switch to a Swirl Filter. Initially, it looked like it was more effective than the original clarifier with the baffle. I was pretty excited. However, Jon mentioned that I might want to consider a bigger pump as my velocity coming into the Swirl Filter may not be enough. As usual, Jon was right. Since our swirling was so slow, the solids were also collecting in the net tank instead of the Swirl Filter. This collection slowed the total flow of the system down and exacerbated the problem. I added a second pump to the the sump combining it with the original pump to double up the flow and get more swirly action. This appears to have boosted my flow rate back up to around 7-8 gpm. I may need to just get a bigger pump altogether, but figured I’d use what I have on hand and monitor the results. Will keep you posted how it performs over the next couple weeks.

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