The system is at 53 degrees F. Things grow sloooowly in these temps. What’s interesting is that the water loss from the system is minimal. I haven’t added water in 2 weeks! And I added a little less than 100 gallons today. You could probably say that close to 90% of the water loss is through evapotranspiration. I guess the next step in water wise farming would be to tighten up the environment controls so that we can minimize excess evapotranspirational losses while maintaining growth performance. Looking over our water additions and production levels, it takes about a gallon and a half to produce a head of lettuce. This equates to 5% of what a field grown lettuce would require. That’s significant when you think about areas in the world where water is scarce and arable land is not available. Is aquaponics going to replace field grown crops? I sure hope not. That would probably mean we’re out of land and something terrible must’ve happened to the planet. Aquaponics is one more tool in the food growing tool box, that is a water wise method of producing organic healthy crops.

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