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Flow Chart for the Fish Food Project

InKa Flow Chart

The idea behind the Fish Food Project is that while aquaponics is an amazing way to grow food, it still requires fish food. Most fish foods are made of fish meal, which is not very sustainable. What if we can make our own fish food with stuff from the ranch? How many things can be added to the loop? Read More

Spirulina 3

Trying to dry Spirulina grown from aquaponics water.

Aquaponics System Tour

Aquaponics photos





Barley Fodder System

Sprouting barley fodder is pretty easy. Barley fodder has a high digestibility of around 80% so it makes a great supplement to hay or can be fed straight to the animal. Fresh green grass is hard to pass up. Sprouting helps unlock the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, omega 3s and helps with immune responses and digestion. We built this system inspired by the alpaca guy in Washington. The barley fodder is the starting point to the Fish Food Project. The barley feeds the horses that are feeding the worms and the worms are going into fish food to feed the fish in the aquaponics system.
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Spirulina 2

Trying different ways to harvest and dry Spirulina.

Spirulina with aquaponics water

We have an aquaponics operation and I wanted to raise some Spirulina in separate tanks, since it requires a higher pH and saltier water. Just using some aquaponics water and adding some baking soda and sea salt, the Spirulina is growing really well. Harvesting is the task at hand.